What is this?
THANK GOD WE'RE TOGETHER project is a platform for online communication between QuadCode and IQ Option employees. With its help, we'll systematically meet, get to know each other, chat and have fun. At least for the next 2 months these meetings will be regular. Together we're not afraid of any remote work!

The project was prepared and implemented by the Corporate Culture team.
How do the online bars work?
1. Every Friday at 21:00 online bars start their operation.

2. To enter, just press "Join" under the bar logo and type in a nickname (let it match your Slack nickname).

3. There can be 50 people in a chat room simultaneously. But at the moment, only the first 12 can be with video.

4. In bars you can play games, chat with colleagues, etc. What's happening at a particular bar next Friday will be written under its name and in the announcement.

5. Our online bars work in BYOB format, which means you need to prepare alcohol / hookahs yourself; there are no deliveries to bar meetings.

6. Protection for introverts. If you don't like to be pestered, put a smiley next to your nickname🚫: If there's a presenter/moderator in this chat, they won't bother you. You yourself, of course, can join a conversation when you feel comfortable.
The rules may be changed as needed since this is a new project. We'll duplicate information about important changes in slack for your convenience.

It'll be great if you help the project to become better. Send ideas for new activities, what you particularly like and dislike.

There's an anonymous feedback form here, and you can also write a message to @natalia.romashkina
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